• The Essential Oils For Kids
  • The Essential Oils For Kids


    The Essential Oils for Kids

    Once this time of year hits all I want is healthy happy kids! I've figured out the things that make a huge difference for me and my family this time of year is keeping a healthy lifestyle. So I was thrilled when Doterra introduced a whole new kids line of essential oils!

    The essential oils come in six blends; thinker, calmer, rescuer, stronger, steady, and brave. What is most important for me is the blend and I love how Doterra adds fractioned coconut oil to this so it isn't as strong as the adult oils.  There is also an essential oil for any occasion which I think is just the smartest idea ever!

    My son, Alexander, is into super heroes and all about the stronger, brave, and rescuer oils which have a mix of lavender, frankincense, rose, cinnamon, and wild orange. Scents that are known to give the feeling of calm and energy.  Zyanya, my daughter, loves the thinker, calmer, and steady essential oils which has a mix of peppermint, magnolia, lavender, and roman chamomile depending on the oil.  The essential oils help my kids at night time, like calmer which has lavender for a good night's rest.  The collection comes with six toppers which is so convenient since they can hook it on their backpacks for school. There are days when these two fight over who gets which oils to school -- meaning I may have to get another pack!!!!

    These make such great stocking stuffers or holiday gifts! I have been using Doterra essential oils ever since my sister-in-law, Nenet, introduced me to them and have been pleased. They also have cough drops, a skincare line, and diffusers.

    Do you use essential oils? If yes, let me know your favorite oils. Also let me know if you've tried the Doterra Kids essential oils for your littles.  xoxo Louise


    To shop Doterra essential oils for family and friends, click here.



    1. Debra D.
      December 2, 2018 / 11:05 pm

      We love our oils, especially the On Guard by Doterra. And setting a diffuser with eucalyptus is wonderful in helping with nighttime coughs and congestion. It’s great they have a fractionated option for the kids now!

      • louise
        December 3, 2018 / 6:01 pm

        Debra – It totally is! I love essential oils and yes, the On Guard is awesome especially in the winter months and killing all those germs :). I am in love with the kids oils now. It is so gentle on them and they absolutely love it! xoxo Louise

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