• 3 Ways To Make More Time in Motherhood
  • 3 Ways To Make More Time in Motherhood



    As I sat down to write this blog post, I thought about one of my favorite things in life, motherhood! Now, I am in no way an expert but the one thing I know is that motherhood isn't always as easy as it looks. As a working mom, it is a constant struggle finding that fine line between being present for my family, setting enough time aside for my kids, and letting them know how much they are loved.

    I have learned over the years that being a mom is a 24-7 balancing act and even though I may not always get it right, I am always learning to make it better. For this post, I wanted to share a few tips I have learned to making motherhood a a lot easier and definitely happier.  Whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom, I think these tips can certainly make the joys of motherhood a little less chaotic.


    3 Tips to Make More Time in Motherhood

    1. Mixing family time with business or your career: This advice goes to the working moms of the world but also to the stay-at-home moms with chores that are almost never ending! I know how challenging it can get trying to disconnect work or chores from family, but it is especially important to set aside time for each. A simple act like turning off your phone or putting it away when you are home, goes a long way. Be present when you are with your children. I usually plan my work hours around times when the kids are not home. If I have to get work done, then having Alex or the grandparents take the kids out to play helps a lot. There are times when I think incorporating your kids into a few of your projects can be such a wonderful experience.  I have done this with my non profit organization when we had about 300 donated books for children in Ghana. My kids were involved in making bookmarks which they were excited to do. It was also made them aware of other needs in the world and got them to appreciate what they have. Overall, it was such a humbling experience for them.


    2. Please don't compare yourself to others: As women and mothers, and with social media into everything, it is so easy to compare yourselves to others. Please don't. Motherhood is personal.  It is your relationship between you and your family.  It may not always be perfect or easy but you are never seeing the whole picture on the other side, whether it is comparing yourself to those picture-perfect Facebook or Instagram feeds, to friends, or people you work with. Whenever you have those moments, my advice is to surround yourself with positivity by spending time with your children.


    3. Make Memories Together! Have fun and give extra hugs: The strive for perfection and excellence only means one thing and that is making the time to have fun together! The other day I was playing with Alexander and we usually play "bad guy, good guy". Well on this occasion as we were playing I noticed how strong he had gotten and it made me realize how fast he's growing. I have had similar moments with Zyanya as well and how our mommy-daughter dates continue to evolve over the years making me recognize how soon it will all change. Work, laundry, dirty dishes, cleaning, and errands will always be there but the moments are the most precious. Don’t miss those moments for extra love, snuggles, and hugs.


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