• Going on a Road Trip? Here are 5 Essentials to Pack
  • Going on a Road Trip? Here are 5 Essentials to Pack

    Recently, we went on a road trip to San Antonio. It was a fun ride and the kids loved the scenic view. I think we were fortunate to have planned ahead and decide on a route taking us through small little historic towns, rolling hills, and of course, a view of Texas cattle!

    Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, it is always good practice to plan for the trip. I usually make a checklist of key necessities to take along. It makes packing a whole lot easier and leaves me time to enjoy the trip.

    So without further ado, here is everything you'll need to keep your carload of travelers happy, safe, and comfortable on a long trip.

    1. Breakdown Supplies & First Aid Kit

    I always like to start with the breakdown supplies and first aid kit. After all, we are driving in a car! Double-check your trunk or boot for a complete roadside emergency kit, including a flashlight and fresh batteries.

    Some of the items should include a spare battery with light, USB port, and air compressor.  A survival stove similar to a stereo stove, potable aqua tablets for purifying water, rain ponchos, 550 parachute cord which is a strong cord and multifunctional, waterproof matches, chem lights used for emergency signaling, basic tools such as a wrench or emergency escape tool, survival knife that has a fire starter,  flashlights and batteries.

    2. Snacks & Water

    Food and water are must-haves! It is important to take along an ice chest to keep your drinks nice and cool.  You can pack your favorite family baked goods, take along a bag of chips, or bring along a healthy tray of fruits or vegetables. An extra gallon is essential in case of an emergency.


    3. Basic Needs

    Often times, we forget about simple necessities such as an extra phone charger, box of tissues, umbrella, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, sunscreen, and extra shopping bag.  You may need that shopping bag if you end up with motion sickness!

    FullSizeRender 54

    4. Pillows & Blankets

    Pillows, cushions, and blankets are definitely a must.  After all, you want to be a comfortable traveler! Pillows or cushions can make any car cozy. You also never know when a blanket can come in handy especially when traveling with little kids.  Either pack a cozy blanket for your trip or keep a spare blanket or two in your car for when needed.


    5. Entertainment & Necessities

    Travel games help a road trip go a lot faster especially when traveling with company or with little children.  Board games are a fun way to get everyone engaged. If you forget to bring along a board game, you can still get creative and play games like "i spy" to help with the boredom.

    I also recommend comfortable clothes for the road trip and a spare change of clothes in the car for spills and accidents. We experienced one of those when my daughter threw up on one of our road trips.  Good news is we were prepared.


    For the beauty inclined, it can't hurt to bring along lip balm with SPF, good sunglasses, a mini hairbrush, and a nail file.

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