• Ghana: and a story of character
  • Ghana: and a story of character

    Growing up, my father was not like other fathers.  Other fathers usually had a fixed work day schedule.  My father was an entrepreneur, so he had a flexible schedule and sometimes traveled for work.  As a little girl, I remember going on a couple of his inland trips and being in awe at the raw beauty of my surroundings.

    Our trips were always memorable. Sometimes we would come across wild animals darting across the dirt road, and other times we would stop by the roadside just to take in the captivating sights, to buy a local piece of art, or a delicious fruit.  There was never a dull moment.



    On many of these trips, I learned the importance of a community and people and nature. My father was always willing to help others. He also had compassion for orphaned animals and would rather bring them home than leave them to their fate.  At one time we even had three deer in our home!  You can imagine, my friends thought we were an interesting family.

    And so it was that I grew up to want to help others and to love our environment.  I grew up to be just like him.


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